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Important announcement regarding advanced seat assignment

The way you choose your seat is changing…but not quite yet.

We recently let you know about a planned change in the process you’ll be able to use to select your preferred seats.

Naturally, we want to make sure the new seat selection process runs perfectly smoothly. Because of that, we’re pushing back the proposed launch date.

What this means is that for now, you can still select your preferred seat (except extra legroom and exit row seats) free of charge from 60 days before your flight.

We’ll be in touch with you again shortly with more detailed information on our plans and what these may mean for your booking/s, with plenty of notice.

Launch of our new mobile website

Virgin Atlantic is delighted to announce that it has launched a new mobile website.

Customers using their smart phones to access will automatically be directed to the new site where key features include a new Flight Status feature allowing customers to search arrivals or departures by route or flight number on the go, a clean and easy to navigate new home page which gives customers everything they need in one place, and lots of inspiring content about destinations and other essential information such as airports and baggage.

Mobile boarding passes

Mobile boarding passes arrive in the US and are now also available to multiple customers’ travelling together.

Since the launch of Mobile Boarding Passes for passengers travelling from Manchester back in September 2012, we’ve gone on to enable passengers travelling from Dubai, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and all flights from the UK (except Hong Kong/Sydney).

We are now pleased to announce the launch today of mobile boarding passes for all passengers travelling from the US*. Passengers can download their boarding pass to their mobile, to pass through all the touch points at the airport and in addition we’ve enabled the following enhancements:

  • Identify Virgin Atlantic Gold card holders and Delta Sky Miles Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion members by a Gold banner and Priority wording above the barcode to assist these elite passengers journey through the priority channels at the Airports where possible.
  • Identified the cabin of travel by the colour of the Mobile Boarding Pass
  • Ability for passengers travelling in groups or with family to download a mobile boarding pass.

*Except Los Angeles.

New strategic alliance with Delta Air Lines

We are delighted to announce a new strategic alliance with Delta Air Lines.

The new joint venture will create a further expanded trans-Atlantic network and enhance competition between the UK and North America, offering greater benefits for our customers on these routes.

Read our Partnership  page for more details and information.

Virgin Atlantic brings Passbook to mobile boarding cards

We're the first UK based airline, to make boarding cards available through Apple's* Passbook, streamlining the straight-to-seat experience via your iPhone or iPod touch.

Check-in online and have the option to send your boarding pass directly to your device, giving you a smoother airport experience, allowing you to by-pass the check-in kiosks and head straight to security, or via the bag drop if you're carrying luggage.

Your Virgin Atlantic Passbook boarding pass will be scanned as normal, giving you an enhanced paperless experience. Next stop, duty free!

All flights** departing the UK, which offer our traditional mobile boarding pass, will also offer the new Passbook service.

*Compatible on iPhones and iPod Touches, which have been upgraded to iOS 6.
** Excludes VS200 Heathrow to Hong Kong and Sydney