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Air New Zealand

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Find out more about our partnership with Air New Zealand.

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Air New Zealand flies, from and within New Zealand, directly serving 53 cities in 16 countries, including 26 destinations within New Zealand.

Air New Zealand is committed to delivering a uniquely New Zealand experience to it's customers.

Air New Zealand takes pride in showcasing the best of New Zealand, from award-winning wines to modern, contemporary airline lounges that reflect the relaxed lifestyle enjoyed by New Zealanders.

Earn miles

Long Haul International:
Discount Economy Class* 50% miles flown
Full Economy Class* 100% miles flown
Pacific Premium Economy Class* 150% miles flown
Business Class* 200% miles flown

Tasman & Pacific Island Travel:
Economy* 50% miles flown
Full Economy* 100% miles flown
Business* 200% miles flown

Economy* 50% miles flown
Full Economy* 100% miles flown

If you're a member of one of our partner airlines' frequent flyer programmes, please note that you can only earn miles in one scheme for any particular flight.
Visit Air New Zealand website at (opens in a new window) * Or equivalent class

More information on earning tier points with our partner airlines.

Spend miles

  Economy Class Mileage* Business Class Mileage*
New Zealand - Internal 15,000 n/a
New Zealand - Australia 20,000 30,000
New Zealand - Pacific Islands 20,000 30,000
LA - UK 50,000 75,000
New Zealand - Asia 60,000 80,000
New Zealand - Hawaii 60,000 90,000
South Pacific - LA 60,000 90,000
Hong Kong - UK 60,000 100,000
New Zealand - LA/San Francisco 80,000 125,000
Australia - LA via AKL 80,000 125,000
Pacific Islands - UK via LA 110,000 170,000
Australia - UK via AKL and LA or Auckland 120,000 180,000

* Or equivalent class

How to book

Earning miles:

Book your Air New Zealand flights directly on 0800 0284149 and remember to quote your Flying Club membership number.

Please show your Flying Club membership card at check in.

When claiming miles please keep all copies of your original tickets/e-tickets and boarding passes until the correct amount of miles appear on your account. If the miles do not show on your account within six weeks, complete a claim missing miles form.

Please note: you must be logged in to your Flying Club account to view the Claim Missing Miles form.

Spending miles:

Please contact the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club team to check availability and mileage required.

Terms and conditions

Earning Miles:

Miles may only be earned on flights operated by Air New Zealand. Miles will be issued to Flying Club members when travelling in the following qualifying classes:

Long Haul International:
Discounted Economy Class: M, H, Q, V, W, T, B
Full Economy Class: Y
Pacific Premium Economy Class: U, E, O, A
Business: C, D, J, Z

Booking classes that do not qualify for accruals are: I, L, G, S, K, P, F, X, N for international travel.

Tasman & Pacific Island:
Economy: M, Q, H, B
Full Economy: Y
Business: C, D, Z, J

Booking classes that do not qualify for accruals are: I, V, W, T, L, G, S, K, P, F, X, N for Tasman & Pacific Island travel.

Economy: M, H, Q, V, B
Full Economy: Y

Booking classes that do not qualify for accruals are W, T, L, G, S, K, P, F, X, N for domestic travel.

Please check our Terms and Conditions on earning miles on codeshare flights with our partner airlines. Please note that Flying Club members will not be able to earn miles when booked on the following VS Codeshare flights (operated by Air New Zealand).

Booking classes which do not qualify for accruals are M, Q, X, N & O on the following VS Codeshare flights:
San Francisco - Auckland
Los Angeles - Rarotonga

Booking classes which do not qualify for accruals are L, M, Q, X, N & O on the following VS Codeshare flights:
Auckland - Rarotonga
Auckland - Sydney / Christchurch / Wellington / Queenstown
Sydney - Christchurch / Wellington

Spending miles:

One open jaw and one stopover per reward are permitted.
Routes are available as follows:

New Zealand to the Pacific Islands:
(Auckland to Fiji/Samoa/Tonga/Raratonga/Norfolk Island/Tahiti/New Caledonia & Hanan)

New Zealand to Australia:
(Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch/Queenstown/Dunedin/Rotora to Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide/Cairns/Coolangatta & Perth)

Australia to UK: (Sydney to London via Auckland)
Hong Kong to UK: (Hong Kong to London)

New Zealand to Asia:
(Auckland to Nagoya/Osaka/Tokyo/Hong Kong/Shanghai & Beijing)

Flights originating from any destination within New Zealand other than Auckland will incur an additional internal reward mileage charge.

A minimum of 7 days notice is required to secure a reservation.

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