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Arrive in style

With our chauffeur driven car service, your Upper Class experience starts the moment you leave your front door.

If you are flying Upper Class, you can pre-book a range of transport options to whisk you to and from the airport at both ends of your journey.

If you want to know about the chauffeur driven car service, booking your ground transfer, how to get in touch with us or if you've got a ground transfer question, you've come to the right place to find the answers.

Cars are normally able to carry a maximum of three passengers with a maximum of three large suitcases. See the Special Requests section below if you need a larger car.

You can now also access the Upper Class Wing in your own vehicle (A minimum of 12 hours notice is needed). Information about using your own vehicle can be found on the Upper Class Wing page.

Passenger information needed

From 1 September 2012, if you book an Upper Class airfare that includes a complimentary chauffeur driven car, we’ll be collecting your Advance Passenger Information when you book.

By doing this, you’ll spend less time at check in, so we’ll speed up your journey through the airport. That means you can spend more time in our award-winning clubhouse relaxing before your flight.

APIS information includes your full name, date of birth, gender, passport number, the country that issued your passport and the date your passport expires. Some countries including the USA, may ask for more information including the address of your first night’s stay in the country.

Who is eligible?

You must be travelling in Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic on an adult fare booked into J, D, C or I booking classes. Discounted Upper Class tickets booked into other booking classes are not eligible for ground transfer options.

Upper Class reward bookings made using Flying Club miles do not automatically come with ground transfers, but you can use additional mileage to book them in most destinations.

Codeshare flights are not eligible for ground transfers.

Pre-registering your vehicle

Whether you're arriving in a chauffeur driven car or your own vehicle, you can pre-register to save time at the airport. For more information about pre registering, call our team on +441293 493600.

Chauffeur driven car - What transfer options are available?

Chauffeur driven car transfers are available to/from the following airports:


Rest of the world Rest of the world
Atlanta Antigua
Boston Bridgetown
Cancun Shanghai
New York (JFK)
Cape Town St. Lucia
New York (Newark)
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Hong Kong  
Washington DC

(Please note that chauffeur car transfers are not available in Havana or Lagos)

In addition the following high speed transfer options are also available:

  • Flights to/from Heathrow:
    "Limobike" motorcycles; Heathrow Express train from London Paddington;
  • Flights to/from Gatwick:
    "Limobike" motorcycles; Gatwick Express train from London Victoria;

Chauffeur driven car - how do I book?

Talk to your travel agent or call Virgin - see the Virgin ground transfer contact numbers below. You must book your transfer in advance.

When you book you need to provide your Flying Club number if you have one along with your booking reference, the pick up and drop off addresses including postal/zip codes and a contact number (such as an international mobile) we can use to contact you at each of these addresses. We cannot book transport for you without a local contact number.

Ground transfer booking information

When do I need to book my ground transport?

We recommend you book your ground transport as soon as you have booked your ticket.

For chauffeur car transfers, at the latest, you need to book at least 12 hours before departure of the flight in question.

Requests for the limobike in the UK require 24 hours notice.

Changes can be made to your transport details, as long as you notify us within the timeframes set out above.

Contact numbers for ground transfer bookings

Locality Contact number
UK 0344 742 4385
USA 1 800 862 8621
Caribbean 1 800 744 7477
Hong Kong 852 2532 6060
Shanghai 8621 5353 4600
Delhi 1800 102 3000
Johannesburg 011 340 3400
Cape Town 021 934 9000
Nigeria 02341 497 8660
Dubai 971 4 4060600

What is the range of the chauffeur car service?

Flights to/from Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester
Any mainland UK destination within 75 driven miles

For passengers connecting onto a Virgin Atlantic flight via Heathrow and Gatwick from any UK regional airport, 75 driven miles also applies to and from the departing/arriving airport.

Flights to/from VAA destination in the US
Any mainland destination within 75 driven miles

Flights to/from Bridgetown, Antigua, Grenada, St Lucia or Tobago
Any address on the island in question.

Flights to/from Cancun
The following destinations, including Cancun Riviera (also known as Riviera Cancun), Riviera Maya (Mayan Riviera), Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and the Cancun Hotel Zone (also known as Zona Hotelera).

Flight to/from Delhi
Any address in Delhi City, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad

Flights to/from Dubai
Any address in the UAE - limitations apply

Flights to/from Havana
Chauffeur driven cars are not provided in Havana

Flights to/from Hong Kong
Any address on Hong Kong island or the mainland within Hong Kong SAR

Flights to/from Jamaica
Any address on the island
restricted to/from Montego Bay, Negril and Ochos Rios

Flights to/from Johannesburg or Cape Town
55 miles from the airport

Flights to/from Lagos
Chauffeur driven cars are not provided in Lagos

Flights to/from Shanghai
Any address in Pudong or Puxi.
But please be aware certain districts/ suburb in PuXi requires you to pay an extra fee for this service:

  • JinShan
  • QingPu
  • FengXian
  • SongJiang

Please note - cash only is required for the extra fee for the districts/ suburb in PuXi.

Chauffeur cars - where will my driver wait for me?

For journeys to the airport, the driver will wait for you kerbside outside the main entrance to your building. The car will display a Virgin Atlantic sign.

For journeys from the airport, you need to collect your car at the following location.

You will be met by a Virgin representative in the customs area.

Dedicated Virgin Atlantic chauffeur car greeter on the right-hand side upon departing the arrivals hall.

In the arrivals hall by the Virgin representation.

You will be met by a Virgin representative in the customs area.

The meeting point is in terminal 3 outside customs near Margarita Ville bar. The drive will be holding a name board.

Cape Town
At the mobile Virgin desk in arrivals.

Your driver will wait for you in arrivals with a nameboard.

Your driver will be waiting for you on exiting the Customs Hall, near exit rows 5 and 6 and will be holding the passenger's name on a Virgin sign.

At the Europcar/Virgin limo desk in arrivals, after exiting customs hall.

At the Virgin limos desk in the arrivals hall.

Your driver will wait for you in in the customs area with a nameboard.

At the Virgin limos desk in the arrivals hall.

Hong Kong
At the Virgin Limos desk in arrivals hall - Counter B16.

At the limo desk in the arrivals hall.

Virgin podium in arrivals.

Las Vegas
Your driver will wait for you in arrivals with a nameboard.

Los Angeles
A greeter will meet you outside of the customs door, and will be standing by the large Upper Class sign. Your driver will then be called to kerbside by the concierge to eliminate the walk to the garage. The car will be with you within 10 minutes.

Passengers will be met on arrival by their chauffeur with a name board.

Your driver will wait for you in arrivals with a nameboard.

At the limo desk in the arrivals hall.

Your driver will wait for you in the baggage claim area with a nameboard.

San Francisco
You will be met by a Virgin representative after customs.

At the limo desk in the arrivals area.

St Lucia
You will be met by a Virgin representative in the customs area.

You will be met by a Virgin representative in the customs area.

You will be met by a Virgin representative after customs.

Chauffeur cars - more information

Can I travel beyond the range of the free chauffeur driven car?

In the UK, US, Shanghai, Delhi and South Africa only, it is possible to arrange for the chauffeur driven car to take you beyond these ranges. Excess charges will apply, which will be advised to you when you book your chauffeur driven car. Charges can be paid direct to the driver/chauffeur company using a credit card.

Chauffeur cars - what if my car is late arriving to pick me up?

If your car has not arrived within 10 minutes of the agreed pick up time, you are able to call a dedicated Limo Onsite Number if you are onsite in any location waiting for your booked chauffeur car to arrive, please call 0344 871 5029 (local UK number) or 855 459 9472 (local US number) and you will be put directly through to the vendor.

Any other enquiries (other than your limo not arriving on time) must be via our Upper Class Support team on telephone number 0344 579 1111.

Chauffeur cars - what if I am late to the pick up point?

Again, call Virgin Atlantic on the telephone numbers listed in the 'Ground transfer booking information' section above.

The longest a chauffeur will normally be able to wait for you is 30 minutes beyond the agreed pick up time. If you call us and want the chauffeur to wait for more than 30 minutes, we will try our best to accommodate your request but this may not always be possible.

If you don't let us know within 30 minutes of the agreed pick up time, we will have to assume that you no longer require your car and advise the chauffeur that their services are no longer required.

Chauffeur cars - where will I be dropped off at the airport?

Your chauffeur car driver will drop you off at the Virgin Atlantic terminal, as close as possible to the Virgin check-in area. In Heathrow and Johannesburg if you are booked into a J, D, C or I booking class you will be able to make use of our Drive Thru Check-in facilities and check-in directly from the car.

Chauffeur cars - special requests

Can I take other passengers in the car with me?
Yes, you can take up to two other people travelling to/from the same airport to/from the same address, up to the capacity of the car as long as all your luggage fits safely in the boot.

Can I share my car with another eligible passenger travelling in Upper Class from a separate address?

Yes, if the address is on route so the journey would be convenient for both of you. Pick up times may need to be adjusted - call Virgin to discuss.

Can I request child seats for my children?

Yes, as long as you provide 12 hours notice before the flight in question. We will do our best but cannot guarantee provision for requests made later than this. Please note that in some destinations, for legal reasons we may not be able to carry your child unless a child seat has been booked.

Can I make other special requests such as for a larger car or ski racks, for example?

Special requests for features such as these must be made at least 12 hours before the flight in question. We will do our best to arrange your request but cannot guarantee in all cases.

Lost property left behind in chauffeur driven cars

If you think you have left something behind in the complementary car taking you to or from the airport please contact our Upper Class Support team on 0344 412 4666. They will liaise directly with the car companies on your behalf.

We can provide you with an individual written confirmation that we have searched for the item you have described to us, for insurance purposes. Before requesting this from us you must check with your insurers first as this "confirmation of search", letter may not be sufficient proof of your loss. Our lost property handlers may charge for this service.