Mobile Phones

Passenger using mobile phone

A brand new innovation on our aircraft, Aeromobile is going to completely change the way you communicate in the air.

Instead of having to wait until you land, you can now stay connected via texts, email, the internet and calls in flight.

Customer using mobile phone in flight

Stay in contact

The charges are almost the same as they would be if you were roaming from another country. Plus, the calls and texts will be added to your mobile bill after you’ve flown, simple. As long as your phone is activated for international roaming, you can use it to text, email, get online and make calls.

Crew member helping customer

Safety first

Best thing is, there isn’t any risk to the aircraft. This new technology means your phone connects to our network using its lowest settings. This takes away the problem of lots of different phones interfering with our onboard electronics.

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AeroMobile service

Aeromobile is available on all half of our fleet with all aircraft based at Gatwick and selected aircraft at Heathrow and Manchester now connected.

We hope you enjoy using the service. We’ve answered all your questions about AeroMobile in our FAQs section below


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