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Entertainment with a difference

It’s no secret that we’ve got a little showbiz in our DNA, and that rings true more than ever when you fly with us. It’s not just about giving you hundreds of blockbusters either. In fact we’re pretty picky, in a good way.

Our Onboard Media Team is dedicated to reviewing and selecting the latest content creating a buzz in film, TV and music circles, as well as onboard with us. We’ll scour the globe from Hollywood to Bollywood to ensure we’ve got something to suit your taste, mood or whim onboard Vera, our award winning inflight entertainment.

Sometimes you’ll even get to see trend-setting international productions before they’re aired in the UK such as Rick & Morty or Generation War.

Discover the best places to eat, sleep, shop, explore and go wild with exclusive guides to each of our destinations.

As well as championing emerging music, film and TV, we also promote some great films that are unlikely to be shown on other airlines.

Passenger watching on-board entertainment system

What's on Vera

We’ve teamed up with entertainment guru and acclaimed film critic Jason Solomons to bring you What’s on Vera. Shot monthly in a new independent cinema location, our show introduces you to an eclectic mix of offbeat gems and best-kept secrets that you might not usually go for.

Vera Touch

We’re taking things a few steps further with many ‘firsts’ in our award-winning new entertainment system, Vera Touch. We want you to enjoy getting the most from this cutting edge technology.

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Tell us more
See ratings and rate content with a simple thumbs up/down function, so we can bring you more of what you want.

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Save for Later
Bookmark as you browse: all the movies, shows, music and games that take your fancy saved in one place. Easy.

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Weekly updates
We’re really proud to be able to offer weekly updates including sporting events, soaps and news highlights with our partners Sky and ITV.

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Live Sky News
Keep up to date with regular updates from Sky News throughout the flight.

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Two things at once? Why not.
A unique touch screen remote control handset. For example, follow the moving map without stopping your movie.

Passenger using mobile phone with on-board entertainment system

Your own devices
Simply plug your USB in to view your own PDFs and photos (please note this isn't available on all flights).