Jump on a cheap flight to Shanghai and mix it up in the world’s busiest city

It's official. Shanghai has more people than any other city in the world – around 23 million at the last count. So if you're looking to get away from it all, this isn't the place for you. But if you're up for a dazzling, fast-paced experience, then Shanghai’s a fantastic adventure.

The city really does have everything. From the peace of traditional Chinese gardens to dramatic modern architecture, a myriad of lights and luxury boutiques. Fancy going out after your Shanghai flight? Then there’s the whole range, from designer bars to street stall cuisine.

What to see in Shanghai

Bicycle tour in Shanghai

Get on your bike

Shanghai can be tricky to navigate at first, so a cycle tour is a great idea. An experienced guide will help you see the city at a pace that suits you.

YuYuan Garden, Shanghai

Wake up early

Set your alarm and head to YuYuan Garden early to beat the crowds and see this beautiful spot at its best. Explore the delightful Ming-era gardens or shop in the bazaar.

Shanghai Museum

A history of Chinese art

The Shanghai Museum in People's Square is packed with 120,000 treasures. From paintings and ceramics to calligraphy and bronzes, it’s definitely not just for a rainy day.

Bags of tea leaves

All the tea in China

If you love a cuppa, the Tianshan Tea Market will be your idea of heaven. It's a three-storey market with more than 150 stalls, all dedicated to the humble tea.

Jinmao Tower at sunset

See the city lights

The Jinmao Tower is one of the highest in the world – and the perfect place to see Shanghai in all its glory. The Cloud 9 bar offers amazing views come dusk.

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