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Fuel efficiency story


Our work on aircraft fuel efficiency

Over 99% of our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions come from the fuel we use to power our planes, so super-efficiency is the name of the game. We take a very detailed and strategic approach to the way we manage and monitor our fuel usage, and recent developments are really helping us deliver our fuel efficiency programme – such as the arrival of our eight new A330-300 aircraft, which are up to 15% more efficient per seat than the fleet they replace. Our 787 Dreamliners will push us even further in the right direction when they arrive from 2014 – they are up to 27% more fuel efficient per seat than the aircraft they will replace.

One key initiative is our new OSyS Fuel Efficiency System, which went live in July 2012. This sophisticated piece of software is enabling us to build on our existing fuel efficiency initiatives to accurately measure performance and identify and prioritise opportunities for further fuel and carbon savings.

The system allows us to collect, consolidate and analyse a wealth of data from 300 parameters per flight in an easy-to-use, single source to enable our operational and flying teams to drive decision making and increase efficiencies, in areas such as: aircraft operations; how arrival delays and holding patterns are affecting fuel usage; maintenance programmes; pilot technique; fuel use on the ground; weight reduction initiatives and more. We estimate that this new fuel management tool could help us save as much as 92,000 tonnes of CO2 a year and £20 million in fuel so it’s a double win for us.

We’ve also recently refreshed our fuel governance teams to make sure our fuel efficiency management process is the best it can possibly be. Our Fuel Efficiency Governance Group (FEGG) brings together a small and focused group of key Directors and managers, to review our fuel performance, strategically identify key priorities and define our fuel efficiency programme overall. That programme is delivered by our Fuel Efficiency Performance Group (FEPG), which has a wider membership from a number of our business areas – from Engineering and Operations to Customer Experience.

All these measures are further steps in our commitment to drive our fuel efficiency and carbon reduction programme forward. For more information on these initiatives and how they fit into our wider sustainability programme ‘Change is in the Air’ take a look at our sustainability reports here (opens in a new window).