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The Carbon War Room

Richard Branson is a founding partner of the Carbon War Room, a non-profit global organisation bringing together business leaders, experts, governments and entrepreneurs to tackle the challenge of climate change through innovation, collaboration and market-based solutions. Its philosophy is that adopting this approach can not only address the urgency of climate change but also offer financial benefits to business through emissions reductions and a low-carbon economy.

CWR works across a number of industry areas. At Virgin Atlantic we support its aviation operation, which aims to address the market barriers that are currently preventing renewable jet fuels from moving from test flight stage into full scale commercial production.

As part of this work, and together with Elsevier, the world’s leading scientific publisher, the Carbon War Room also set up (opens in a new window), the world’s first online market information service analysing the leading companies set to produce commercial scale renewable fuel for aviation. It provides in-depth scrutiny of renewable jet fuel supply chain companies. Regularly updated, the team collects and reviews over 70 key data points for jet fuel supply chain companies. The database is designed to contain the top 2000 bioenergy-related companies. Investors, engineers, operators and fuel buyers can use this data to compare suppliers on technical performance, economic viability carbon footprint, and overall sustainability. We are delighted that LanzaTech, our low-carbon aviation fuel partner, is one of the suppliers to top the table.

Initial results show that of the companies claiming to have the potential to deliver large-scale amounts of low carbon renewable jet fuel – about 1/3 of them are credible from an economic, scalable and sustainability perspective, in their current state. In the next five years, some renewable jet fuel companies could be producing enough renewable fuel to replace 10-20% of the fuel of a typical mid-sized airline.

“One important way to reduce carbon output from airlines all over the world is to have viable renewable alternatives to jet fuel. The Carbon War Room saw that there was a gap in information regarding the available options and an opportunity to mobilize airlines to come together to support the most promising solutions through investment,” said Sir Richard Branson. “This unique approach provided by the Carbon War Room and Elsevier is providing a wonderful platform for airlines and renewable jet fuel suppliers to come together to accelerate the delivery of cleaner approaches to air travel.”

For more information on these initiatives and how they fit into our wider sustainability programme ‘Change is in the Air’ take a look at our sustainability reports here (opens in a new window)