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Register to enter into a draw for a sub-orbital spaceflight with Virgin Galactic. Become part of a new generation of private astronaut - experience the thrill of acceleration to over 3 times the speed of sound and see our beautiful planet from the blackness of space at over 360,000 feet.

If you have 2,000,000 Flying Club miles, you can now use them to enter a prize draw to win a trip with Virgin Galactic.

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* Only miles earned on Virgin Atlantic flights may be used to redeem for Virgin Galactic flights.

How to register

To register yourself for the draw please call your local Flying Club helpline (opens in a new window) (Opens in a new window)

For more information contact the Virgin Galactic team via: or (opens in a new window)

Terms and conditions

  1. Once Virgin Galactic launches it's first flight to space, Flying Club will draw a winner from all the entries received.
  2. No miles are redeemed at the point of registration, but the Flying Club member must have sufficient miles for the reward when the winner is picked to be eligible.
  3. The winner will then be booked for on the next available Virgin Galactic flight. Some Press involvement may be required.
  4. Only miles earned on Virgin Atlantic Airways flights qualify for eligibility into the draw and may be used for Virgin Galactic flights.
  5. Miles cannot be merged or transferred from other member accounts.
  6. Miles earned through supplementary Silver Flying Club accounts and/or Family accounts may not be used towards the Virgin Galactic redemption.
  7. A Virgin Galactic flight may only be booked for the Flying Club card holder who has earned the relevant mileage and not on behalf of or for another individual.
  8. This offer may be withdrawn or amended at any time.

Virgin Galactic Terms & Conditions available on request, contact the team via:

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